Tenancy Fraud

Every year in Northern Ireland, people on the waiting list are denied a home because someone is dishonest about their housing needs. Tenancy fraud is where a social home (either Housing Executive or Housing Association) is occupied by someone not entitled to be there.

Tenancy Fraud can take several forms:

  • Abandonment of the property and living elsewhere
  • Succeeding a tenancy, often on the death of a tenant, by falsely claiming to have been living there for some time
  • Providing misleading information on an application to purchase the property
  • Not telling the truth when applying for a home and or falsely claiming to be homeless
  • When a tenant rents their home to another person without our knowledge or permission (sub-letting)
  • When a tenant leaves their home empty without informing us

Please get in touch with us for further information or if you suspect that someone is committing Tenancy Fraud:

Ring us at NB Housing on 028 9059 2110 and ask for the Housing Officer.

  • They are likely to lose their tenancy and may not be entitled to apply for social housing in the future
  • Depending on how serious the fraud is, they could be fined and or sent to prison
  • They are preventing someone who may be in greater need of housing from getting offered a home.
  • Requesting photographic ID of tenants before signing the tenancy agreement
  • Completing early home visits six weeks into their tenancy. ID is rechecked at this visit
  • Carrying out unannounced tenant visits
  • Housing Officers investigate any tenants who have not allowed access for essential servicing, e.g. gas boiler servicing
  • Investigate all reports of tenancy fraud
  • Take legal action which can result in NB Housing regaining possession of the property

Need more Information?

We have created a downloadable document with more information on Tenancy Fraud.