Information for current tenants

NB Housing continually strives to provide help, support and offer advice to all our residents and others within the local community by providing a platform to access our services.

A housing Officer and new tenant filling out paper work

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What our tenants think about NB Housing

At NB Housing we want to hear what you think about our services. Your responses give us an opportunity to improve what we deliver.

Every year we send tenants a satisfaction survey to give the opportunity to give us your feedback. Results are correlated, communicated and actions taken to improve services where necessary.

Listed below are some of the most recent results for your information. Should you wish to provide further feedback please do not hesitate to make contact.

20 adaptaton

Requests completed

95% of tenants

Surveyed said that they found staff helpful

84% of tenants

Surveyed were satisfied with the overall service of NB Housing

86% of tenants

Surveyed said that staff were able to deal with their query