Anti-Social Behaviour

NB Housing is committed to tackling anti-social behaviour and nuisance in order to build and sustain safer and more settled communities in which our tenants can live.

The statutory definition (Housing (Northern Ireland) Order 2003) of Anti-Social Behaviour is:

“Conduct by any individual which causes or is likely to cause a nuisance or annoyance to a person residing, visiting or otherwise engaging in a lawful activity in the locality of the dwelling house.”

  • Violence or the threat of violence
  • Hate behaviour that targets members of identified groups because of their perceived differences (e.g. race, religion, political affiliation, disabilities or sexual orientation)
  • Noise Nuisance (rowdy parties, loud music/TVs, dog barking)
  • Arguing and door slamming
  • Environmental quality issues (e.g. litter, dog fouling, graffiti, fly-tipping, nuisance vehicles)
  • Offensive drunkenness
  • Using Housing Association accommodation for selling drugs or drug abuse or other unlawful purposes
  • Intimidation and Harassment

In addition: An individual may be deemed to have acted in an anti-social manner if they have:

  • Been convicted of using the dwelling house or allowing it to be used for illegal or immoral purposes
  • Been convicted of an arrestable offence committed in, or in the locality of the dwelling house
  • Directly or indirectly affected NB Housing Management functions or matters relating to those functions

Noise Control

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Graffiti Removal

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NB Housing encourages any tenant who experiences anti-social behaviour to inform our Housing Management Team as soon as it occurs.

Ways to report anti-social behaviour: Online, In Person or via Email.

Need more Information?

We have created a downloadable document with more information.

All emergency/serious incidents, or incidents that occur out of office hours, should be reported to the PSNI on 999 or 101 depending on the severity of the behaviour or crime.