NB Housing Texting Service

12 May 2016

NB Housing has introduced a new texting service which will provide a quick and easy communication tool for all our tenants. Tenants are able to text the association to request a repair, rent balance,complete a tenant satisfaction survey, make an appointment etc. If you are a tenant you will receive an information card that advises you on how to use the texting service. Until your information card arrives here are the details that you can use to get in contact with us!

You can send us a text message to 074 9820 2221

To contact your Housing Officer        Text RENTS (plus message)
To get latest account balance           Text BAL 
To report a repair                           Text REPAIR (plus message)
To order a new payment card            Text CARD 
To set up a standing order                Text STD
To set up direct debit                       Text DD