Mission & Values

Our Mission at NB Housing is to provide affordable rents and homes that build vibrant neighbourhoods and communities.

NB Housing

Our Values

At NB Housing our values guide the way we operate and influence our decision making. Our people are led, managed and developed in line with our values. NB Housing is a values- based organisation and we believe in our values that support the way that we build homes and communities. 

  • Leadership: We will demonstrate our leadership through the excellence of our housing and services, and the                                       professionalism of our team.
  • Aspiration: We encourage the aspirations of our employees in their own personal and professional                                                      development. In the same manner we encourage communities to aspire to better standards of                                          housing and regeneration.
  • Personal: We build homes not houses. We consider the needs of families, individuals, and the community before                                anything else in our developments.
  • Esteem: We value more than the physical regeneration of housing stock, but the restoration of esteem that                people have for themselves, for their home, and for their community.
  • Community / Togetherness: We will listen to and respect each other working together to achieve a vibrant and                                                            prosperous community. We act collectively as one team to support one another,                                                                environment enjoyable.
  • Integrity: We will be accountable and transparent to our customers, respectful of our tenants, and proud of our                               service delivery.