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At NB Housing, we aim to provide a comprehensive, efficient and reliable service to all our tenants. This section will advise general inquiries and what to do if you require further assistance.


You can submit your compliments, comments and complaints online using our guided forms detailed below:

We try to ensure that all repairs are carried out as quickly as possible. In order for our approved contractors to prioritise their work, repairs are categorised as follows:

  • IMMEDIATE Call out (ICO) 4 hours
  • EMERGENCY To be undertaken within 24 hours
  • URGENT To be undertaken within 4 days
  • ROUTINE To be undertaken within 28 days


Typical Emergency Repairs:

  • Building Repairs Dangerous wall, chimney stacks, floors.
  • Plumbing Repairs Burst pipes & blocked sewers.
  • Electrical Repairs Failure of cooker circuits, failure of Economy 7 heating (in winter), failure of all lights.
  • Room Heater Repairs Blocked flues/fumes (in winter).
  • Sheltered Dwellings Warden call systems, lifts and fire alarm systems, communal lighting.


Typical Urgent Repairs:

  • Building Repairs Fallen roof slates, security repairs.
  • Plumbing Repairs Lack of hot water, leaking radiators, faulty w.c. cisterns.
  • Electrical Repairs Failure of lighting/socket circuits, faulty door entry systems.
  • Heating Repairs Failure of central heating pumps and boilers.


Typical Routine Repairs:

  • Cleaning or repairing gutters.
  • Easing doors and windows.
  • Plasterwork repairs.
  • Kitchen cupboards and worktops.

All applications for social housing in Northern Ireland must be made through The Housing Executive who are responsible for carrying out the initial assessments and where appropriate, placing applicants onto the waiting list. This is a common waiting list and is used by both the Housing Executive and other participating landlords i.e. registered Housing Associations, when allocating properties. Properties are allocated to the next highest pointed relevant applicant from the waiting list for the area in question.

At your assessment you will be given the opportunity to pick 2 areas of choice, as well as having the option to be included in the wider general housing area. The number of points you are awarded from this assessment determines your place on the waiting list for your chosen area.

Please contact The Housing Executive if you wish to obtain an application form on 03448 920900.

You need to fill in an application form and send it to the Northern Ireland Housing Executive. This also applies to previous social tenants that are no longer in social housing but who want to re-apply.

Your application will be registered, and the assessing officer will contact you to do an assessment if you qualify for housing.

You may be awarded points based on your circumstances which will be put onto a central waiting list that is used by all registered social landlords (N.I.H.E. and Registered Housing Associations).

You will also only qualify for certain types and sizes of properties. For example, you may only require two-bedroom accommodation, therefore you won’t be offered 4 bedroom accommodation etc.

You can pay online via Allpay.

Pay Rent Online, or

Just click the Pay Rent button found in the upper right of any web page.

You will also find a similar button in the footer of every page and complete the information as prompted.

You can report a repair in the following ways:

Please give the nature of the repair and when access will be available for the repair to be undertaken. Depending on the nature of the repair an inspection may be required before the repair is undertaken.

Simply contact the Maintenance Team on 028 9035 1131 or email the team directly here

You need to fill in the same application form that is used to apply for the first time, only you need to return it to your landlord.

In many cases, this will be the N.I.H.E. but if your landlord is a housing association, then you need to return it to them.

The term waiting list seems to imply that you wait a certain amount of time and then will be re-housed, but this isn’t the case.

It is not based on time, but rather points at a given point in time. If a suitable property becomes available, the allocations officer will offer it to the person with the most points at that time.

So you could be at the top of the list at a point in time, but someone who is newly assessed with more points will go above you.

For this reason, no time frame can be given.

Check out the Library section, where copes of all policies, procedures and information documents are available as downloads.