Advice from the Consumer Council

16 December 2016


Are you interested in saving money on your energy bills? 

The cold, winter weather is upon us and with this brings the increasing need to heat and light our homes. Within energy costs the top concern for consumers in Northern Ireland there has never been a better time to shop around and get the best energy deal available on cost and service.

Gas and Electricity - Switch and Save

With the right information and advice, switching can be quick and hassle free. The Consumer Council has an interactive, independent online energy price comparison tool which will show you the best deals, as well as guides to explain the switching process.  

Did you know the biggest savings can be made when you switch both your supplier and payment method? When using the tool consider, for example, moving to direct  payments and paperless billing. Switching is simple. There is no interruption to your electricity or gas supply. All you have to do is contact the supplier you wish to to switch to and they will manage the process. There will be no change to your household wiring, gas pipes or meter; you will just start receiving bills from your new supplier. 

Topping up the home heating oil? 

If you are living in a house with home oil heating, savings can also be made by shopping around suppliers.  Try not to rely on emergency drums as they cost considerably more. Buy home heating oil in bulk if you can afford to, as the more you buy the cheaper the price per litre. If you can't afford to buy in bulk then look to see if there is an oil buying club or an oil stamp saving scheme in your area. 

Further Information 

The Consumer Council encourages all consumers to check our information and see if they could save. For further information or advice contact us on Freephone 0800 121 6022, email or via Facebook and Twitter. 


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  • Oil Buying Clubs- Contact Bryson Energy on 0800 1422 867